September 2020 Collection- La Di Da

Here we are mid way through September and raring to go with our first Autumn/Winter collection of 2020 titled "La Di Da". Autumn is easily my favourite time of year to dress for. There's lots of layers to work with, a huge selection of rich patterns and a deep/vivid palette of browns, oranges and burgundies. With this in mind, it will come as no surprise that a lot of my favourite vintage inspirations also have style which perfectly lends itself to this time of year. Case in point, our "La Di Da" muse Annie Hall aka 1970s Diane Keaton.
Annie Hall's style is awash with earthy tones, heritage fabrics, an abundance of layers and super slick, timeless shapes. One of the main reasons I personally love her so dearly is because Annie's style offers a whole new perspective on the concept of power dressing. Of course her look is synonymous with androgynous style but it's also completely down to earth, effortless and endearingly playful. There's a real innocent charm to her outfits which is super accessible. From her famous camel chinos and waistcoat combination worn with a everyday slouchy rattan bag, to her sharp tailored blazer teamed with a boyish lumberjack shirt, it's wholesome style everyone can get onboard with.
Our "La Di Da" collection is really a selection of age defying, versatile pieces which celebrate that Annie Hall kind of magic. Its an ode to amazing vintage items which have powerful silhouettes but with a fun and flirty side. This really is a collection for ladies who dress to suit their mood, without a care in the world for what anyone else might think. In The wise words of Annie Hall this is a collection with a little bit of "La Di Da".
All 13 pieces launch Wednesday 30th September at 8pm (GMT).


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